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What are the purchasing channels for nail products in nail shop?

What are the purchasing channels for nail products in nail shop?

Product is the life of the enterprise, the most scared nail shop is not to find a good source of nail products, no good nail products to provide consumers, it is difficult to retain customers. Now the market is a lot of nail products brand, nail products suppliers are numerous, in the end where to purchase it?

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1, directly looking for brand headquarters purchase.
I have to say, nail salon this channel is the most secure, but the implementation is more difficult. If you only want to find some second-and third-line brands, but want to find some international first-line brands, from the original factory, this is very difficult, generally they are looking for more well-known domestic nail franchise brands as agents, such as Indonesia nail franchise.
2, go to the wholesale market to get the goods.
Many new nail salons are purchased from the wholesale market because they don't have as many resources to choose from when they start. If you want to buy products and equipment in the wholesale market, be sure to shine your eyes, do not buy fake and inferior products.
3, peer introduction
This is one of the more reliable ways, if you can trust your peers, ask them where they're coming from. Unless they can't tell the truth from the fake, you'll usually get a better product.
4, from the headquarters of the United States to get goods.
This is also a good method with high credibility. Like the Indonesian nail franchise, we have the world's high-quality product portfolio, to the franchisee distribution of products are from internationally renowned brands, such as OPI, ORLY, Spain Duya, gel II, etc., more than 350 franchise stores are currently in use in the country, excellent quality has been recognized and trusted by consumers and affiliates.