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Nail polish and induction equipment, leading the nail smart service.

Nail polish and induction equipment, leading the nail smart service.

According to the Guardian, Los Angeles design students Kristina Ortega and Jenny Rodenhouse recently set up a special nail salon that combines nail polish and sensor equipment to provide customized smart services.

Ortega said: "This smart nail salon equips customers with a manicurist, an UE designer, and a development team responsible for code and sensor equipment. The 10 fingernails of a customer can be completely different in style and function. For us, this is a combination of DIY and technology. Sensors have been connected to the micro control panel for function. We even need to bring this function to our fingernails.

Customers'needs vary: practical customers choose sensors that can drive doors without keys; innovators require sensors to "walk away" when others are too close to them; girls who simply want beautiful nails put neon lights and LED bulbs on their nails.

Smart manicure is definitely not a gimmick, but a real solution to practical problems. Ortega and Rodenhouse indicate that some customers want to quit smoking. Then they choose the XBee microcontroller to put on the cigarette bag, the other end on the customer, and set the distance. If the ends are too close, the nails will vibrate.

But beauty is the first thing to look at, which is also something that many wearable device designers overlook. To make nails less burdensome, Ortega and Rodenhouse have started choosing components that generate energy instead of batteries. For example, a family of piezoelectric crystal brushes can produce small currents by beating hard surfaces through fingernails. To ensure beautiful nails, they also opt for curved sensors and customized 3D printed wiring boards, such as cat-shaped wiring boards.