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The fashionable nail art of INS is beautiful.

Every week, I get two or three voices like, "Baby, are you going to have a manicure this week?"

Did you do it last week?

Making manicure has become a must do list for girls in summer, and it is stronger than watermelon. Some people even say that summer without manicure is incomplete.

But some girls may be more resistant to manicure, because in their eyes, manicure is like this:

The manicure retorted: "you have misunderstood me! I'm not all that way!

I have a collection of beautiful nails, today I want to share with you, I hope you can find in this article, the nail design of your choice. In addition, there are some popular science and DIY good recommendation on nail. Don't miss it. Keep looking down.


Types of nail

There are 6 main shapes of nail. For example, from left to right, the tonsils are amygdala, apex, square, circular, square, elliptic.

The most common ones are the latter four. Next, I will give a detailed description of the four shapes of manicure.

Rounded armour

Every time I see a round nail, I feel super cute.

Round nails are younger and livelier, but for girls with shorter nails, rounded nails don't seem to lengthen their fingers. If fairies want to lengthen their hand proportions, they don't want rounded nails.

Suitable for crowds: fairies who like to make cute, girlish nails; girls with longer nails.

Oval armour

Oval nail is my favorite type of nail, and most nail artists recommend it.

The oval nails will be more slender and can optimize finger proportions very well. The oval nails make the nails look full and round, lovely and feminine.

Suitable for people: except for girls who have too many hands in their hands, they can try.

Square armour

Square armor is very classic style, fairies should have heard of elegant French armor bar, most of them are square armor.

Square nails are characterized by very straight side nails, nail tips are trimmed to a very flat appearance, and the side of the junction also has a sharp angle.

_Suitable for crowds: Girls with wider nail beds are more slender because they have square nails; more ambitious working women.

Square shaped armour

This manicure is also very popular. It is called a round shaped nail.

It combines the charm of the oval and the grace of the square, more angular than the oval, but not as sharp as the edges of the square. The effect of elongating fingers is also very good.

Suitable for people: you can do anything you like if you don't pick a round nail.

There are other types of nails, such as tonsil-shaped nails (pictured below), which are more European and American in style and look a little pompous and less everyday. If you like this kind of nails, you can go to ins and find out more of your favorite nail styles.

Types of nail

Lovely and fresh

Sweet Ladies

Stylish personality

Simple and elegant

Attention to nail art

Now there are three main manicure methods, one is ordinary nail polish, you can create your own favorite nail at home.

Next is the torn nail, this is more convenient and easy to use, easy to unload, nail effect is also good.

And then we usually choose to go to the nail shop for a light treatment nail, which can last longer, but is thicker, it is also difficult to unload, nail health is not particularly friendly.

Although the nails are beautiful, but you fairies still need to pay attention to each time the nail must have a cycle, the frequency can not be too high, or it may lead to nail breakage, inflammation and other fungal infections.

And we must choose nail polish with good quality. Some of the chemicals in nail polish can cause some damage to nails, and using better nail polish can help minimize the damage. Promise me that the three no cheap nail polish on the roadside shop should not be bought. Well - behaved.

If you remember these things, you can rest assured of your manicure.