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Vacuum cleaner DC-858-5

  • ITEM:DC-858-5
    Packing Capacity:59*36.5*60.5
    Packing Number:10PCS
    Gross Weight:20.6KGS
    Net Weight:19.6KGS
    Power Requirement:100V-240V


Warning information

Please read the operating instructions carefully before starting to use the unit.

Never open the unit: DANGER OF DEATH!
There are no parts which can be replaced by the user inside the unit.
For clean the unit dry clean only.
Only use the unit in a dry environment. Should the supplied plug not fit in the socket,
please contact your agent. Do not bend the cable and do not pull on it.
Only use accessories which are authorised by the manufacturer.
Only allow service and repairs to be carried out by specialist personnel.
Do not allow children to handle the unit and do not leave the unit running 
when it is not supervised. Only use the unit for the intended purpose.
Other types of applications, conversions and modifications to the unit take place 
at your own risk. Improper use can lead to damages to persons and objects.
The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by failure to regard this information.

Instruction: It’s professional equipment. Voltage: 110V-240V 50Hz /60Hz
Firstly please open the packing. Then take out the equipment check whether the bag for the nail dust ready.
If the bag don’t fix in the equipment, please fix it exactly, before you insert power plug.
Please switch on, and then the equipment can work regular. If the work is over, please remember to switch of.Please 

The manufacturer has a 12 month warranty on the functioning of the device.
This appliance is not intended for useby persons (including  children)  with  reduced  physical,
sensory  or menta, capabilities,or  lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been  
given  supervision  or instruction concerning  use of the appliance by a person  responsible for their safety.
Children should  be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance